Level 5

Field Crop Production (ESM / Level 5)

Crop Nutrition and Soil Fertility Management (AESM / Level 4)

Olive Production Systems (ESM / Level 5)

This module introduces students to the fundamentals of plant physiology and important biological functions affecting plant growth, development and yield. This module provides the fundamental background for students to understand the “plant” component of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, which provides the background to system’s approach used in sustainable management of the production system.

Plant Physiology (ESM / Level 5)

(Precision Agriculture)

Principles of plant pathology and environmental protection (ESM / Level 5)

Principles of Precision Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability (ESM / Level 5)

Weed science and management (ESM / Level 5)

Viticulture (AESM / Level 4)